If someone has copied your work online, we can protect your rights by serving an official DMCA 'take-down' notice. Backed by law (Digital Millenium Copyright Act), this gives official notice to the person who has infringed your copyright to remove the content quickly.

A DMCA takedown notice is a notification to the person who has copied your work, the actual web host, or a search engine, that they are either hosting or linking to material that is infringing copyright. It provides them notice to remove the copyrighted works. Websites and hosting companies are required to remove the material, and search engines must stop linking to the infringed material.

Copyright Index will create a DMCA notice and serve it to the relevant parties. We work on and monitor the case until resolution.

If you're a subscriber to our monthly protection service, we provide our take-down service on an ongoing basis for all infringements of your copyright.

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